Branded USB Flash Drives, and Other Promotional Products

USB flash drives are an extremely popular promotional product that has many uses as well as it’s obvious promotional advantages. All you have to do is plug them in the USB slot, copy your files over, and you’re done. Flash Storage Drives also make a great toolkit for PC repairs. Just load your favourite antivirus, antispyware, and diagnostic tools on the drive and you’re ready to go. They can even be programmed to start up automatically on insertion into the USB port by using auto run programs which are very easy to set up. When someone saves files to promotional USB flash drives, they find that it takes a lot less time than if they burned them onto a CD.

Flash drives are just one of many promotional products which are used as business incentives for clients and staff. Promotional products can be made from any material, such as plastic, metal, wood and rubber.  Promotional products not only carry your company message, they also serve an actual purpose. Many promotional products are produced as PVC- welded products – a method of production which still accounts for a decent percentage of products manufactured today. You can buy promotional products in various quantities, which can be anything from one item, up to thousands, depending on the product itself.

Another popular promotional item is the printed umbrella. These are better targeted for specific seasons but offer great coverage with regards to promoting your company. Printed golf umbrellas come with a stake at the top, used to hold the umbrella in the ground when the golfer takes a swing. They are always well-received and a welcomed gift by customers and clients alike. An individual using an umbrella for a long time will generally remember the company name or brand that was printed on it. Personalised umbrellas offer more visibility and the imprints are clearly readable from quite a long distance.

Another sure fire bet when it comes to promoting your business with promotional merchandise, is the promotional mouse mat. Promotional mouse mats are an excellent promotional giveaway or the perfect gift for anyone with a computer. On promotional mouse mats, you can have your company details, your favourite photo, your own design, or even a company logo. They are available as mouse mat and coaster sets, liquid photo mouse mats, optical mouse mats, flexible mouse mats and smart leather mouse mats, plus many more. With most mouse mats, you can print full colour process, which allows you to create a really cool, eye catching design.

The most popular item out of all the available low cost promotional products is without doubt, the promotional pen. A low cost promotional pen has on average, seven owners within its lifetime. If the body of a promotional pen chosen by your company is thick, then you will get enough space to write all kinds of vital information on the pen. The factors to be credited is their high level of efficiency in catering to the audience. Promotional pens are often distributed at promotional shows, conferences and symposiums and are used as mass marketing tools.

Promotional Products – Advertising on Steroids

Corporate promotional products are useful personalized items that are given away to promote a business product or service. They can be used in premiums and incentives programs, given as business gifts, recognition awards or commemorative items. Golf promotional products are particularly popular in the corporate world.

One of the reasons that promotional marketing campaigns are so effective is that, unlike other advertising mediums, the promotional product engages all five of the senses. The person that receives the giveaway can see, touch, and even hear or taste the promotional item in some cases.

Business premium incentive products are inexpensive, and the duration of their advertising impression far exceeds that of television or radio, at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some of the uses and benefits of custom promotion products for any business:

Printed promo products are often used to attract new customers and increase repeat business from existing customers. They are also used to create name recognition and promote a company image. Studies have shown that the use of promotional products has improved recipients’ impressions and opinions of the companies involved in the promotional program, and helped to engender product loyalty.

Hot promotional products grab people’s attention and can draw traffic to your trade show booth or display, increasing leads and prospects.

Use of promo products in the workplace has been shown to improve employee morale, employee retention, and increase employee productivity. They can also be employed to promote safety in the workplace, or encourage teamwork within the company or organization.

Customer relations can be improved, even for a lapse in service, or as an apology, through customized promotional items.

They can also be used to announce (and increase) sales. Imprinted promotion products have been shown to increase response to direct mail campaigns by up to 75%.

According to a recent study, over 76% of the respondents to the survey claimed they could recall the advertiser’s name on the promotional product they received within twelve months of the promotion. Over 75% of recipients keep the promotional product because it is useful to them.

Another use for promo items is creating awareness for a given cause. We’ve all seen the pink ribbons to create awareness for the need to find a cure for breast cancer. Associating your business name with such philanthropic endeavors can boost the image of your company and help engender customer loyalty. Advertising that a portion of the profits will go to charity is a very powerful and widely used marketing strategy.

Given the above, it would be wise to have an advertising budget for your company that includes premium incentives, regardless of what type of business you’re in. If you don’t, your competitor who does have a promotional incentive program has a clear advantage. Why not contact a promotional products company now?

Promote Health With Promotional Products For Health Care Professionals

Promotional products do more than increase sales and bulk up your patient list. Well-chosen promotional products can help reinforce important health messages and drive home the importance of nearly any health care issue. Many health care professionals are most familiar with promotional products from the receiving end – the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries are among the biggest consumers of promotional products – but there are many ways that you can use promotional products in your practice.

Promotional products make a wonderful addition to any public service campaign.

In many cases, raising awareness is the first step toward providing medical care or a cure. There’s a wide variety of different types and classes of promotional products to choose from. Some suggestions might include squeezable stress toys as part of an awareness campaign about the harmful effects of stress or t-shirts printed with a health awareness slogan. Your office might give printed pedometers as part of a fitness campaign, or hand out inexpensive promotional watches as part of a “Time to watch your health” campaign.

Promotional products can help build your practice.

Introduce your office to new residents in your area with a welcome in their post box, or partner with an estate agent to be part of a “Welcome to Your New Home” basket of goodies. Include a useful gift from your office, imprinted with your practice name and telephone number for emergencies. The type of gift you include should be specific to your practice area. A general practitioner could use a small first aid kit, for instance. A chiropractor might include a hand-held back massager imprinted with his name and number. A clever gift from a pediatrician’s office might be a bandage dispenser filled with colorful adhesive bandages for those little cuts and scrapes and a refrigerator magnet to keep your telephone number handy.

Support public service causes with appropriate promotional items.

Make yourself and your staff available for public health fairs and promotions. When you partner with public service agencies you increase both your visibility and your credibility. If your business is nutrition, set up a display to emphasize the importance of healthy eating and hand out travel mugs imprinted with a health conscious message. If your office specializes in sports medicine, you might choose stress toys shaped as different types of balls. Suit the promo products that you choose as takeaways to your practice specialty.

Paper promotional products are important informational tools.

Companies that specialize in promotional gifts for trade fairs and conferences often also handle the design and production of informational tools like brochures, leaflets and flyers about your practice and specialty. If you already have a relationship with a promotional product company, be sure to include them when you’re pricing the cost of creating promotional literature about your practice.

Say thank you and please come again to your patients and clients with promotional products.

Pediatricians have handed out stickers, lollipops and plastic rings to their patients for years as a “Job Well Done” reward. Why confine that to children? There’s a wide variety of little thank you gifts that you could offer your patients, from sticky notes with a reminder to “Eat Healthy” to stress toys to help them stay healthy.