How To Select The Right Promotional Product

Every business wants to enjoy the high position in the business arena. They should have the highest number of sales, huge profit margin, the best resources, and the dependable employees. All these factors contribute to make your business a hit. Apart from these factors, there is one more factor which plays a crucial role and that is promotional product. Promotional products should be effectively used to build business strategies, consolidating business identity, reinforcing your corporate message, and boosting sales promotions. You can achieve all these activities easily by using promotional products. There are innumerable promotional products available in the market but you have to be careful while selecting the best one from the lot

Promotional products should be selected according to your business genre and needs. If you are into leather business, then gifting promotional umbrella won’t be a wise decision, instead gift promotional pen in a leather case. By this recipients will be able to relate that product with your business nature. Your chosen promotional products should easily solve your purpose of marketing and advertising. It is an open fact that, no marketing and advertising campaign is complete without promotional products, so make sure you buy the best and the most suitable one. Many companies think that to attract more people and eye balls, you should buy an expensive promotional gift. This is completely wrong, as your promotional product should be useful rather than being expensive.

Choose promotional products keeping recipients in mind too, as you can’t afford to give promotional pen to CEO of a company. For him you should buy products such mugs, USBs, and keychains. They might sound repetitive and clich├ęd gifts but they work better. This doesn’t mean promotional pens shouldn’t be gifted to anyone. You can gift them but to a certain section of audience. Majority businesses indulging in marketing and advertising campaigns try to use promotional products effectively for achieving short-term goals along with long-term goals. This is the beauty of promotional products; they can be used in varied occasions for various purposes. We at Click Promo Gifts duly understand that you business means a lot to you, so for that purpose we provide a wide range of promotional products.

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What Promotional Products Fit the Current Needs of Your Business?

With such a wide variety of promotional products available to business owners and managers, it can sometimes appear difficult to determine which products may best fit your business needs. Promotional products serve the same purpose as business cards, only they are designed to reach a wider range of potential customers than business cards generally do. There are many different factors to consider when trying to determine the best products to help promote business to make your decision easier, including:

the nature of the business to be promoted

the current season

the targeted clientele for the business to be promoted

The following paragraphs will discuss these factors and more.

The type of business you operate is very important in relation to what type of promotional products will best fit its needs. For example, if the business is associated with food preparation or service, promotional aprons may be successful. On the other hand, if your business is retail or customer service, promotional shirts may be a better choice. There are promotional products available to meet the needs of any business.

The current season is also a factor to consider when trying to decide on which promotional products best suit your business needs. During the colder seasons, many companies find printed jackets effective marketing tools. However, during the warmer months it is not common for people to wear jackets. Promotional t-shirts and active wear clothing are two popular promotional items during warm seasons.

In addition to the nature of your business and the current season, your targeting clientele should be taken into consideration when deciding which promotional products to use. It is important to choose promotional products that will attract the attention of potential customers. If your business is sports oriented, trendy active wear may be a good consideration. Your employees will likely feel encouraged to wear it to the gym or sporting events, thus, attracting more potential customers for you. The gender of your targeted clientele is also of importance. If your business is primarily aimed towards men, choose promotional products men will find attractive. One the other hand, if your business revolves around women, you should select products women will enjoy.

When trying to determine which products will best promote your business, there is something else you should take into consideration. In some instances, it can be most effective to select more than one type of promotional products to use. Promotional pens are fairly inexpensive, as well as popular. They are often used in conjunction with other promotional products to increase their effectiveness. Refrigerator magnets are another type of promotional product that is often used to back up another.

In order for promotional products to successfully promote your business, it is important to carefully consider which promotional products will work best for your particular business. The decision can seem like a difficult one to make, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking several factors into consideration, you can make your final decision much easier, and much more likely to succeed.

Promotional Products Employees Can Wear

For many years, many corporations have been using promotional products in their marketing programs. Promotional products and items are available to match the nature and needs of the any individual corporation or business. However, many businesses which depend on customer service are beginning to prefer promotional products their employees can wear, and customers/potential customers can see. The following paragraphs will discuss some of these specific items.

Firstly, head wear is one type of promotional product that companies are purchasing to help boost their business. Many types of promotional head gear are available, all listing company information on the individual hat. Some different types of these particular promotional products can include:

ball caps

sun visors

skull caps

ear bands

Not only can these trendy hats be given away to current customers, they can also be worn by employees, inside and outside of the workplace. Visors are often popular during summer months, as well as ball caps. The skull caps, in addition to ear bands, are most popular when the weather is cooler. Wearing these promotional products inside, as well as outside of the workplace can help to recruit potential customers to the particular business being advertised.

For businesses specializing in food service, printed aprons are promotional products that are steadily growing in popularity. The different types of promotional aprons can include:

kitchen aprons

adjustable aprons

smock aprons

waist aprons

These promotional products are also becoming popular for businesses specializing in carpentry and trade show events. Because they are available in any style and color, as well as printed with any business information and logo, it is likely that the popularity of these promotional products will continue to grow.

One of the most popular promotional products that employees can wear, are shirts that have been printed with the company logo and information on them. Promotional shirts can be much different than regular uniform shirts, and can also be worn outside of the work place. Some of the types of promotional shirts available include:


fleece shirts

tank tops

shirt jackets

Trendy promotional gym/sports shirts are also available for purchase. These promotional products help encourage employees to advertise the particular business outside of the work place, to other gym/sports patrons. Long sleeve and short sleeve promotional shirts are also available. The popularity of each type, most often, depends on the current season.

Finally, printed jackets are great promotional products that employees can wear. With so many trendy types available, promotional jackets are growing in popularity. Some of the most popular types include:

sweat shirts/hoodie jackets

wind breakers

fleece jackets

nylon jackets

The only disadvantage associated with these promotional products is that jackets are most generally not worn year round. Thus, many businesses who use printed jackets to promote sales choose an alternative product during warmer months.

With so many different promotional products available to business today, it can be a difficult task in deciding which type of product to purchase. However, more and more businesses are choosing promotional products employees can wear. Because of proven success, it is predicted that the popularity of such products will continue to grow.

Making Promotional Products Work to Your Advantage

There is no dearth of products that can be used for the purpose of promotions. All you need to do is think of the right item and get your logo and company name imprinted on it. Promotional products can be used for a variety of purposes such as give-aways on trade shows and business events, sales incentives, contest prices as well as business gifts.

It’s extremely necessary to choose the right promotional products. Once you’ve made a choice there are a few more things that you will need to keep in mind.

Promotional products can be used for all kinds of stuff like referrals and motivation. Before you go about promoting your business you need to ask yourself certain questions such as:

  1. What kind of product options do I have?
  2. What kind of business am I aiming at?
  3. What can be my budget?

You will need to make decisions based on the answers to these questions!

The Scope of your Promotional Efforts

This concerns your target audience. For example, while you give away promotional gifts at a trade show, you need to know that you are giving them away to the right people rather than giving them to almost anyone who comes by to your space to take a look at your products and services.

Prepare a strategy…

…to make sure that all your promotional efforts are made in the right direction, i.e. towards your target audience.

This can be done easily if you have chosen the right kind of promotional products. For example, you can get attention from a soccer player with imprinted soccer balls and other soccer accessories. Alternatively, you can have your customer sit through a demonstration of your product and services and fill up a small questionnaire in order to receive a promotional gift.

All in all, you need to choose a promotional product that only your target audiences will be interested in, it should ideally be a promotional product to suit their lifestyle.

Useful Promotional Products

There is no point in choosing a promotional product which people are going to throw away. Choose a product that will be useful! It really doesn’t need to be expensive. Remember, the most successful (refrigerator magnets, pens, calendars, post it notepads) promotional products are inexpensive.

Quality Matters

A bad quality promotional product is irritating. A defective quality product will not only get thrown away but will also tarnish the image of your business among clients and customers.

A Teaser

Get a mug with a nice teaser message and a phone number imprinted on it. Tell people about your products and services once they call up your company.

Lastly, consider the cost. Sometimes, an inexpensive promotional gift can make up for an expensive promotion. It’s best to get some advice from your dealers. Make a good decision!