The Basics of Promotional Products

Promoting through promotional products is a way of advertising companies or products with intent of gaining them exposure. This exposure is spread by means of various imprinted promotional products, or what are also referred to as advertising specialties and/or identity products. These products are issued with full intent on gaining prominence for that particular company. Once this is attained, success is assuredly underway. And, as a universal desire, success is what any company is after.

Before achievement comes though, one must become aware of why promotional items are instituted and just exactly what their purposes are.

Purposes and Uses of Promotional Items:

In terms of concreteness, promotional items can be used individually or incorporated with other various media in rudimentary, effective or creative fashions. Business gifts, employee relations, orientation programs, corporate communications, incentives (for work, safety programs and purchasing) and trade show handouts are just a few of the many options promotional items are used for. The most commonplace uses attempt and usually go above and beyond in terms of gaining reactions and responses to, for example, filling out a research form or participating in a survey.

Eclecticism is the monster at work in the promotional product world. But it’s a monster all too positive and beneficial for any company’s interests or specifications. Literally, promotional items are the most varied, both in terms of tangibility and usability. Companies take full advantage of this to push anything and everything forward to a path paved with success.

Yet, a company’s needs may vary, and hence, different promotional products will be selected. The primary types of promotional items can be divided into four categories.

Promotional Item Categorized:

  1. Promotional Products– Include business gifts, awards and commemoratives
  2. Advertising Specialties– Are imprinted products given away for free.
  3. Loss Leaders– Involve imprinted products sold for a cost and can provide free advertising.
  4. Premiums– Imprinted items given as incentive for some action

With an awareness of the different promotional items that are available, outlining their possibilities is important in being able to select an item most beneficial for one’s company.

Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera:

Promotional items can vary greatly. Based off a client’s purposes, specifications and style requirements, the options are almost endless when selecting promo items. Items such as pens, tote bags, desk organizers, water bottles, coffee mugs, t-shirts, calendars, calculators, key chains, bumper stickers, labels and so on are all possible and available. The list can go on for quite a while as thousands upon thousands of promo items are currently offered worldwide.

Clearly, whether one’s promo needs are obscure or basic, anything is within reach; even custom promotional products are accessible through certain providers where their specialty is fine-tuned tailoring to meet, and even exceed, any business’s needs.

Why Opt For Promo Items?

Keeping personal needs in mind, you’re probably curious as to why promo items are used so often to push businesses ahead. Also, you’re wondering if promotional motions are for you. Your inquires are understandable and both the answers you seek are simple. Promo items are proven to work and the benefits interwoven are limitless. Any business will profit, considerably.

Actually, along with cost benefits, promotional items top off and heighten effectiveness for one’s business. One reason that attributes to elevated success is that it’s possible to narrow down and hone in on specific demographics and target markets; being able to select a promo item based off your target audience is essential to excelling and maintaining continued success.

Secondly, and even better, specific promo items can have long “advertising-life.” This prolonged advertising-life applies to items such as coffee mugs or calculators. These two run-of-the-mill promo items are used daily and thus constantly imprints a company’s name, logo or message into users’ brains, as well as everyone else within eyeshot. This is profitable ten-fold simply because you’re gaining multiple amounts of exposure all through one item and one payment.

Promotional products are understandably a wise investment. They’re relatively inexpensive, can be tailored and prove to be quite worthwhile. So what are you waiting for? Promote your business through promotional items today and start viewing your business through even more successful lenses.

Printed Promotional Products

Printed Promotional Products are usually items or objects which are printed with a specific logo, slogan or advertisement. For this reason printed promotional products are give away items, to help companies promote themselves to existing and future customers. Promotional products are great for company meetings, business liaison and conferences etc. and there is a huge and wide variety of products available for almost any type of occasion, or business needs. Printed promotional products can be something as simple as a badge, to something more sophisticated such as glassware or conference bags.

Some of the products available  can include, golf balls, laptop bags, pencils, fridge magnets, note pads and many many more. Promotional products are also available to wear, and items such as polo shirts, baseball caps and fleeces, can also be obtained from most suppliers.

Many other types of products are suitable for promotional purposes and listed below are just some of them :

  • Badges : Bags : Bottle openers : Bookmarks : Calculators : Clothing : Diaries
  • Cooler bags : Conference bags : Golf balls : Key-rings : Ice scrapers : Laptop bags
  • Glassware : Stress balls : Tape measures : Leather goods : Travel mugs

Promotional badges are available in many styles and colours, sizes and materials. Printed promotional badges are also available as button, enamel, flexible 2D, flexible 3D, die stamped or embroidered badges.

Many metallic promotional badges or items can be, or may require engraving for long lasting branding which cannot be removed.

A very extremely popular promotional item is the baseball cap. There is a wide range of different styles in hundreds of colour combinations to suit most customers requirements. The caps are usually manufactured to the highest quality and are generally made from cotton or twill. These caps can be printed with up to four colours or embroidered up to six colours.

Stress balls are excellent for promoting particular services or products. They can be manufactured in any shape and decorated in any corporate colours.

When gift give-away’s form a part of a marketing campaign, it makes sense to find a promotional product that offers a bit of an edge, and still fits in with the give-away ideal of being practical and long lasting. Engraved promotional glassware is a high quality give-away promotional item. These types of items are attractive and very useful and they get noticed very easily by potential customers. Some of the glassware items can include :

  • Tumblers : Paperweights : Decanters
  • Corporate awards : Engraved goblets
  • Cocktail jug : Champagne flute

Many of these glass items are available as crystal glassware and high lead content crystal glassware. These glassware items make a very impressive give-away promotional gift.

Printed promotional gifts are available from many suppliers, and are a great part of any marketing campaign.

Promotional Products – Changing Lives

Over the years, promotional products and promotional gifts have emerged as a proven and effective business strategy to improve sales figures and beat the competition. With the help of the promotional items you can easily gain better visibility of your products and services in any environment. Promotional products have changed the way a business used to be, in turn changed the entire lifestyles of an individual. This is not just good in business but also at a personal level. By distributing promotional products without worrying about high costs, you can be easily seen as a generous and thoughtful individual. The efficacy of promotional items is endless, but some of the most common uses are:-

1. New sales generation

2. Customer retention

3. Image enhancement

4. Dealer and retailer motivation

5. Brand Awareness and Visibility

What makes promotional products so successful?

o Longer exposure: – Promotional products remain in front of your target audience’s (customers, employees, and business partners) eyes- a great advantage over all other advertising plans.

o Involvement: – Most of the promotional product involves their users. Whether it’s office-stationary, Desktops, showpieces or children items like freebees, masks etc-they all have the power to involve their users and integrate with your marketing or business strategies.

o Promotes Goodwill: – People love receiving gifts. Customers look for free gifts. Promotional gifts promote goodwill hence enhancing your company image and brand value. Customer goodwill means repeated business, more orders and word of mouth publicity for you.

o Cost-effective:- Promotional products are cost-effective when compared with other advertising programs. The value it generates in terms of exposure, recall-value etc., makes it one of the cheapest advertising medium.

Whether you are a bank, a media-house, a telecom company or any non-profit organization- you all can benefit from promotional products and woo your customers. As per your business objective and target audience, you can ship promotional products and build relationship with your customer base. Not only customers, your employees will also value these items which will bring greater productivity, improved client-servicing and thus enviable sales figures.

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What Choices are There for Promotional Products?

Promoting your business is important. If no one knows about your business, it will not be very successful. One way to effectively promote your business is by offering promotional products. Promotional products get your business’s name out to the public while giving them a useful product that will remind them of your business’s name over and over.

What choices are there for promotional products? There are hundreds of choices. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Writing instruments – Ballpoint pens, pencils, highlighters, permanent markers, and other writing instruments are some of the most popular promotional products for a good reason. They are inexpensive, easy to distribute, and appreciated by the recipients.

Apparel – Another popular promotional product is apparel. Baseball hats, t-shirts, golf shirts, even boxer shorts can be imprinted with your company’s logo and information, and those who wear the promotional items become a walking billboard for your company.

Refrigerator magnets – A good quality refrigerator magnet can stay on someone’s refrigerator door for years. These inexpensive promotional products can often be in a shape that reflects your business such as a light bulb if you are an electrician or a coffee mug if you own a cafĂ©.

Calendars – A calendar is a whole year of advertising in just one product. Your companies name and contact information will be displayed for twelve months and looked at just about every business day.

Coffee mugs – Most people need a cup of coffee to get them going in the morning. Ceramic coffee mugs and travel coffee mugs are promotional products that get used by their recipients frequently. In addition to coffee mugs, other types of drink ware such as beer mugs or water bottles are popular choices, too.

Golf balls – If you’ve got an upscale clientele that appreciates a good 18 holes, then promotional golf balls with your company’s logo on them are appropriate promotional items.

Mouse pads – You can fit all of your company’s pertinent contact information on to a mousse pad and still have room for your logo or an attractive picture. One of the best things about promotional mousse pads is that the recipient will always know exactly where to find your information – right next to his keyboard at all times.

Automotive products – Car sun shades, ice scrapers, key chains and other products associated with cars make useful promotional products.

Toys – mini cube games, yo-yos, flying discs, beach balls, even poker chips all make fun and interesting promotional products.

Desktop items – Notepads, sticky notes, picture frames, pencil cups, and other items that are useful on the top of a desk are promotional items that the recipient will look at every time he sits at his desk.

Disposable cameras – One time use cameras can be made into promotional items by having their exterior promote your business. They can even have pre-exposed message strips on the bottom of each frame of film so that when the pictures get developed, your company’s message will be displayed on each one.

This is a just a sampling of the most popular promotional products available for businesses to use to get their name in plain view of their customers each and every day.