Promotional Products – A Vital Advertising and Marketing Promotion Tool – Version One

In an endeavour to reach their target, companies often launch their new products with great fan fare through one medium or the other. Huge amount is spent to make their products second to none by way of advertising.

Here there main aim is to build the brand identity of their product. One of the first promotions taken by companies in introducing their products is through Print Media and television, followed by other methods of promotion. However, researchers have established that a product can be an instant hit in the market if their brand is presented through promotional products.

Companies spent a lot of amount on these promotional products so that their brand can become a household name. There are a wide range of promotional products to choose from which are sure to satisfy almost every company marketing and promotional tactics. Prior to introducing a new product in the market it is indispensable to realize the requirements of the market and subsequently target the marketing needs.

A good promotion is considered one that is made according to the nature of the product and keeping in mind the intended audience. It is a fact that if the quality of the product is superior coupled with the good promotion strategy there is no way that the product will be ineffective. Cost effective and good quality promotional products become all the rage among customers and are considered as a vital advertising tool.

A constructive promotional product apart from creating its forte for itself will definitely create an enduring impression of the company. Promotional products apart from establishing an everlasting impression are also a vital tool to influence the spirit of the employees.

These promotional products also serve a great purpose of boosting the morale of the employees. On special occasions like tradeshow giveaways, corporate communications, completion of a target or difficult project promotional products can be gifted to the employees who in return can uplift the spirit and loyalty towards the company.

With the penetration of World Wide Web there are ready built online stores available which are able to assist different organizations to choose a promotional product of their choice. Thus organizations can in return spread their advertising communication across through these promotional products.

Studies have indicated that recipients frequently can remember the name of an advertiser on an item for long enough if the promotional product is really durable.

There are a variety of gift items to choose from which can be given as promotional products to the customers like Mouse pads, USB ports, clocks, cups, gadgets, chocolate, t-shirts, pens, flash lights, key chains, confectionery, bags, office products like jotters, ring pads, calculators etc.

Do You Make These 8 Costly Mistakes When Buying Promotional Products?

Imprinted advertising specialties are ideal low cost promotional gifts for prospects, employees and clients. When used properly, promotional products can keep your name in front of your prospects when they will be planning to use your services or products. Imprinted ad specialty gifts can also help earn you referrals and promote your brand and message. In fact, specialty advertising can be among your lowest cost per impression method of advertising and yield substantial returns on investment for your advertising dollar.

However, in over 24 years in the promotional products industry, I have seen the same mistakes being made time after time that end up costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Here are the top 8 mistakes to avoid when ordering promotional products for a trade show, direct mail campaign, or for any other event. How many of these mistakes have you made?

1) Avoid Unnecessary Set ups Charges: When setting up any imprinted order, from catalog printing and business cards to advertising specialties, there is considerable time needed upfront to set up the presses.

With advertising specialties, many times there are jigs that need to be prepared which hold the item in place, ink colors that need to be tested, trial runs to make sure the colors and inks are correct, etc. These steps can take as much as 30-45 minutes or longer on many jobs, so most advertising specialty orders have a setup charge fee to help defray these costs. For the customer who continuously places a minimum reorder for the same product, they can often be hit with setup charges several times a year, as some jobs require a setup charge on each order, whether it is a reorder or not. Be prudent and anticipate supply so that you only have to pay for setup costs one time, easily saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

2) Order Sufficient Quantities to Reach the Next Price Level: Most promotional products have quantity price breaks; the more one orders, the lower the price per piece. By ordering a quantity that takes pricing to the next level, a company can save 10-15% on an order-often paying for itself in the long run.

3) Use As Few Colors As Possible on Imprint: In order to silk screen or pad print a promotional item, each color is placed onto the material with an impression, using either a screen or a cliché. One color is run through the screen onto the item, then, when the ink is dry, the next color is run through a separate screen. Each passing of the ink is a separate step or operation, which takes time and adds to the cost of the item.

Many companies of all sizes have two logos available for advertising: one is often a one-color logo for yellow page ads and black and white forms; the other is a multi-color logo for printed material. Depending on the usage of the item, the cost per piece, as well as the recipient, many companies can save extra run charges by using their one color version of their logo (or having one designed for your company).

I have seen instances where a client has insisted on using a five color imprint on a $2.00 plastic promotional item, such as an imprinted water bottle or tote bag-thereby adding as much as $3.00 in costs. In these times of increased scrutiny over expenses, a simpler one-color logo can save your company money without diminishing returns.

4) Plan in Advance to Avoid Rush Charges: A typical production facility schedules it print runs weeks in advance. Some try to imprint all water bottles on one day, all key tags the next day, etc – in order to optimize production. Other factories schedule around imprint colors-so they try to run all jobs that require Royal Blue ink on one day, black ink imprints another day, etc – to avoid ink clean up time and to reduce down time.

When a rush order comes in, in order to move one job ahead of others, production changes must be made at the factory or plant. Although rush orders for imprinted products are becoming commonplace, they tend to require additional service and time, thus requiring a rush charge of 10-25% or more. If you can plan accordingly, this is one of the easiest ways to dramatically reduce costs of promotional products.

5) Check Proofs Carefully to Avoid Errors: As the saying goes, haste makes waste. When a company receives a proof, be sure to completely look over the details-which usually spell out the ink colors, location of the imprint, ship to address, in-hands date, as well as the actual imprint and imprint position. Do not assume everything is correct with a cursory glance (or you might be cursing under your breath after receiving an order printed incorrectly). This is the final opportunity to correct any errors before production begins. Once a proof has been signed and the print job is run, changes will mean having to re-print the job, which will incur additional costs.

6) Ship by Ground to Avoid High Freight Charges: Rush orders and rush shipments are getting to be an everyday occurrence in the advertising specialty business, as many clients have last minute events or simply forget to order promotional products for events. However, with the constant rise in shipping rates, shipping by air can add significant costs to any order.

7: Avoid Dimensional Weights When Possible: On rush orders that must ship by air, try to avoid ordering promotional gifts that are bulky, such as water bottles, as they tend to go by dimensional weight, rather than actual weights. Most freight companies charge dimensional rates for large boxes that have little weight, as they fill up their trucks or planes more quickly than smaller boxes. Imprinted tote bags and flat items which stack better without wasted “air space” tend to be more cost effective – especially when shipping by air.

8: Avoid Irregularly Shaped Items for Direct Mail: When planning your promotional marketing campaign, it is wise to determine how the products will be distributed and plan accordingly. I have been involved with too many campaigns where the client was originally planning on handing out the promotional items at a trade show, but decided to send them out by mail afterward. Direct mail gifts are a great way of reaching your potential customers when planned in advance, as you can find promotional items that are lighter in weight, ship flat, come in a protective gift box and that don’t require special handling or packaging. However, when thrown together at the last minute, many companies find they are spending as much for a shipping box or package than they spend for the actual item itself.

With a little advanced planning, any company can easily save 10%-25% on their promotional products. Sometimes an item that is slightly more expensive than another, but ships flat and is lighter may actually save you money in the long run. Perhaps finding a factory that is closer to the convention center or fulfillment center can also save you on freight costs. Talk to your promotional products solutions provider about these, and other, ideas to save you money. The best solutions providers will be looking for ways to maximize your promotional products budget y asking questions to determine the best options for your event or promotional campaign.

Digital Promotional Product – The Hottest Thing For Marketing

Large numbers of companies are competing with each other to establish their brand name and get noticed by the prospective clients through various kinds of mediums. Today, the hottest “in” thing that majority of the companies opting is the digital promotional products so as to make their presence in the market. Digital promotional gifts are the most ideal promotional gift to promote the brand of your company. Some of the digital promotional gifts include USB drives, mini digital camera, mini digital photo frame, MP4 player, bubble calculator and calendar clock calculator. Apart these, roll up calculator projection talking clock, pen holder with radio, mini USB mug warmer and USB lava lamp are several digital promotional products that can be given for the promotion of your company and brand. The digital promotional products can be personalized as well, as you can engross the name of your company, or the caption of your product with the contact information.

The digital promotional products have a better recall value, as the people will use or see your product, which you gifted to them almost every day, which help them to recall your name again and again. May be next time when they will go out in the market to buy the same product of any other company may purchase the product of your brand and thus your sales will increase, your brand name will get publicize and various more nice things may happen for your company.

The main key to maximize the advantages of this kind of promotional strategy is to search the right promotional gift and using it intelligently. Just for the reason that you got a nice supplier who will sell any discount digital products does not mean that you automatically use them as promotional giveaways. When choosing the promotional give always, you are required o give a serious thought, as you have to select an item, which is able to represent your brand and your services and products.

Apart, selecting the best digital promotional product decide an occasion when to give these exclusive promotional gifts. Nevertheless, the promotional gifts like the personal life can be presented at any point of time and on any occasion. You do not have to wait for a particular event to gift; it could be New Year or any festivity. Even you can offer these promotional gifts at some major event like launch of a new product or making a new contract or at promotional campaigns.

How Are Promotional Products Used?

Promotional products have been in use for quite some time now. Every business organisation is it big or small has used them to their advantage. They are the best thing that you can offer to your business. A great promotional strategy, a smart marketing technique and the perfect advertising vehicle, promotional products is indeed the best business tool. They offer a wide array of benefits of to the user. With the ultimate combination of cost effectiveness and wide reach and exposure they are something that your organisation can’t do without.

There are no two ways about the plethora of benefits that these promotional products have to offer. But the problem lies with their usage? The concern of the moment being that how does one use promotional products to get the very best to its organisation? For promotional products to serve you right it is essential that they be used in the right manner. They alone can’t help your business. Instead they should be accompanied with intellectual and smart planning.

They can be used in more than one ways depending upon the situation and what you want to achieve through it. The usage of promotional products depends mainly on what your main motive is behind using them. The most common way of using promotional products is to distribute them as free giveaways. Promotional products when given as free gifts at trade shows, exhibitions and like events can serve you with multiple benefits. Free giveaways often help to entice new customers and build new clients. Moreover they serve as a constant reminder for your brand.

Another great idea of using promotional products is to use them as employee incentives. You can choose to give your clients something like a carrier bag for the achievement of a particular target. Promotional products could also be used as a means to reward your employees. Instead of a monetary benefit you could reward your employees with a promotional product like a personal organiser or something like a small music player. When using promotional products for employee incentives ensure that the gift you choose has some relevance to your employees.

Promotional products could also be used as gifts for your clients. You could gift your clients with these promotional products at the celebration of a benchmark or any other event of importance for your organisation. In fact you could use promotional products as gifts during the festive season like the Christmas time. You will not only spread your brand name but also make a direct entry into the good books of your clients.

They are available in an extensive variety online. To get your set of promotional products simply visit online stores.